Essays are listed below according to the class projects in which they were produced. Bold headings represent class project or section title and in most cases link to an introductory essay.

Baptist Historical Sites in Downtown Birmingham (summer 2019)

Avondale’s Religious Life (fall 2019)

Houses of Worship in Birmingham (fall 2019)

Faces of Christ in Birmingham, Alabama (spring 2020)

Religious Images in Birmingham, Alabama (fall 2020)

  • Chancel Windows by Margaret Gaudin, Mountain Brook Baptist Church
  • Christ of the Nations, St. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Chapel
  • Crucifix at Outdoor Altar, Saint Michael’s Catholic Cemetery, Brookside, Alabama
  • Damballah / St. Patrick (Vodou flag or banner) by Joseph Oldof Pierre, Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Esther in Saint John’s Bible by Donald Jackson, St. John’s Bible, Heritage Edition, Samford University Library
  • Female Power Figure with Nails, Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Fred Shuttlesworth by John Rhoden, Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
  • Ganesha, Silver Coin Indian Grill
  • Justice is Blind, Old South, and New South by Ronald McDowell, Jefferson County Courthouse
  • Labyrinth at Trinity United Methodist Church by Robbie Hedden, Trinity United Methodist Church
  • Pentecost with Sts. Paul and Francis Xavier, St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church
  • Peter and John Heal a Man Who Was Lame by D. Jeffrey Mims, College of Health Sciences
  • Psalm 42 & 121 Window by Columcille Starkey, Mountain Brook Baptist Church
  • Reformation Day (Luther at the Wittenberg Door) by Petru Botezatu at Hodges Chapel, Samford University
  • Sudhana Visits Avalokitesvara by Kono Bajrei, Birmingham Museum of Art
  • Teaching Window by Margaret Gaudin, Mountain Brook Baptist Church
  • The Good Shepherd, Cathedral of St. Paul (Roman Catholic Church)
  • Three Praying Ministers by Raymond Kaskey, Kelly Ingram Park
  • Trinity Windows, Chapel at East Lake United Methodist Church

Reference Maps

These maps were created for Samford students, most of whom are Protestant, to assist them in selecting congregations to visit which are outside their religious tradition.


Updated April 30, 2020.