TitleSubject, Type, and Date
21 Houses of Worship in Birminghamplace, editor’s introduction, fall 2019
Abbey, Theplace, essay, fall 2019
Alabama Buddhist Viharaplace, essay, fall 2019
Avondale’s Religious Lifeneighborhood, editor’s essay, fall 2019
Baptist Historical Sites in Downtown Birminghamneighborhood, essay, fall 2019
Beloved Community Churchplace, essay, fall 2019
Birmingham Friends Meetingplace, essay, fall 2019
Chancel Windows, Mountain Brook Baptist Churchart, essay, fall 2020
Christ of the Nationsart, essay, fall 2020
Christian Worship in Birmingham amid Covid-19worship, editor’s introduction, spring 2021
Church of the Highlands, Grants Mill Campusplace, essay, fall 2019
Crucifix Saint Michael’s Catholic Cemetery, Brooksideart, essay, fall 2020
Damballah / St. Patrick , Birmingham Museum of Artart, essay, fall 2020
Esther in Saint John’s Bible art, essay, fall 2020
Faces of Christ in Birmingham, Alabamaart, editor’s introduction, spring 2020
Female Power Figure with Nails, Birmingham Museum of Artart, essay, fall 2020
First Baptist Church of Birminghamplace, essay, fall 2019
Fred Shuttlesworthart, essay, fall 2020
Ganesha, Silver Coin Indian Grillart, essay, fall 2020
Good Shepherd, TheCathedral of St. Paulart, essay, fall 2020
Hindu Temple & Cultural Center of Birminghamplace, essay, fall 2019
Holy Trinity – Holy Cross Greek Orthodox Cathedralplace, essay, fall 2019
Homewood Masjidplace, essay, fall 2019
Hoover Crescent Islamic Centerplace, essay, fall 2019
Illumination of Esther in the Saint John’s Bibleart, essay, fall 2020
Independent Presbyterian Churchplace, essay, fall 2019
Jesus and the Theotokos of St. Theodoreart, essay, spring 2020
Justice is Blind, Old South, and New South, Jefferson County Courthouseart, essay, fall 2020
Labyrinth at Trinity United Methodist Churchritual space, essay, fall 2020
Map of Catholic, Orthodox, Unitarian, and LDS Houses of Worshipreference map
Map of Religion in Avondale, 1877 to 2019neighborhood, database & map, fall 2019
Map of Synagogues, Temples, and Mosquesreference map
Messiahart, essay, spring 2020
Pentecost with Sts. Paul and Francis Xavierart, essay, fall 2020
Peter and John Heal a Man Who Was Lame art, essay, fall 2020
Psalms 42 and 121 Window at Mountain Brook Baptist Churchart, essay, fall 2020
Redeemer Community Churchplace, essay, fall 2019
Religions. Images. Birmingham.art, editor’s introduction, fall 2020
Reformation Dayart, essay, fall 2020
Shambhala Meditation Centerplace, essay, fall 2019
Saint George Melkite Greek Catholic Churchplace, essay, fall 2019
Saint Symeon Orthodox Churchplace, essay, fall 2019
Sikh Temple of Alabamaplace, essay, fall 2019
South Avondale Baptist Churchplace, essay, fall 2019
Sudhana Visits Avalokitesvaraart, essay, fall 2020
Teaching Window, Mountain Brook Baptist Churchart, essay, fall 2020
Temple Beth-Elplace, essay, fall 2019
Temple Emanu-Elplace, essay, fall 2019
Three Ministers Kneelingart, essay, fall 2020
Trinity Windows, East Lake United Methodist Churchart, essay, fall 2020
Wales Window for Alabamaart, essay, spring 2020
Zion Spring Baptist Churchplace, essay, fall 2019
Zion Star A.O.H. Church of Godplace, essay, fall 2019

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