On Valentine’s Day 1999, I arrived in Birmingham for the first time. Within twenty-four hours I was treated to meals at the Bright Star, the Tutwiler, and Niki’s West. This immediately imparted in me a love for the history and culture of Jefferson County. My favorite way to explore Birmingham is by bicycle.

Since joining the faculty at Samford University in 1999, I have taught courses on Christianity, the United States, and the religions of the world. My research explores intersections of theology, place, worship, and American religious culture. Recent publications include “Beliefs and Practices,” in The Future of Mainline Protestantism in America (Columbia University Press, 2018) and a critical edition of the early writings of the church historian Philip Schaff, The Development of the Church (Wipf and Stock, 2017).

I studied American religious history at Harvard University with William R. Hutchison and David D. Hall., receiving my Ph.D. in 1999. While in Boston, I also worked closely with Diana L. Eck on America’s growing religious diversity and Horace T. Allen, Jr. on the history of Christian worship in America. I received my B.A. from the University of Virignia. There I learned from many fine faculty, but especially David L. Holmes. His fieldwork group assignments on the religious and cultural landscape of Virginia are an inspiration for this work. (See Holmes, “Church History as an Applied Science” Christian Century, Jan. 16, 1985.)

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