What is your favorite religious image in Birmingham?

This fall a group of Samford first-year students will write essays for Magic City Religion on twenty different religious images in and around Birmingham. This will include statues, paintings, mosaics, illuminations, and stained glass windows. Perhaps works of art in other media as well.

What works of art would you like to see them discuss?

The art works should be on public display in metropolitan Birmingham, Alabama. They can be anywhere. including at churches, synagogues, temples, mosques, museums, or parks. “Religious” can be defined broadly to include both major world religions, American civil religion, or other works of religious significance.

Given the various restrictions related to Covid-19, we will need one or more good photographs of the piece. Students may not be able to visit the piece in person.

Last spring students wrote on The Wales Window for Alabama and two other images of Jesus. We will not be repeating those.

Leave your suggestion as a comment here Tweet it to @BHMreligion or email drbains@samford.edu.

Thanks for your help!

— David Bains, July 28, 2020

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